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The racing games are provided to our visitors for free. We have gathered all these games for your personal use. The games or the text content of these games which are written by us cannot be used for any commercial purposes. The game developers have the right to have their game removed from our site. To do so, you can always use the contact us form.

All the visitors have the right to report any games. If you have found an inappropriate game you can report it by clicking on the Report link which is located right above the game. If you play the game in full screen mode, you have to exit from this mode in order to see the report link. To provide us with more details, again you can use the contact us link found below this page.

Our team is dedicated to provide you with the best customer service. We do our best to have your responds within 24 hours. Suggestions, feedbacks will be applied to our site as long as they get approved by our company poll.